gene head shotThanks for visiting my website!

So, a little about me.

I attended Kent State University, where I majored in Journalism and minored in Political Science. Yes, I was there during the National Guard shootings that killed 4 students and wounded 9 others. It all took place around Taylor Hall, which at the time housed the student newspaper, the Daily Kent Stater. Though I was Sports Editor of the paper at the time, we were all outside the offices, covering the what would become, for some of us, the biggest story of our lives.

After graduation, I went to work for the Dayton Journal Herald, now defunct, covering high school sports. A year and several writing awards later, I left the paper for Miami, where I went to work for the Miami News, now defunct, covering golf, tennis and pro football. I was backup beat writer during the 1972 undefeated season of the Miami Dolphins.

From there I went on to work at some of the country’s largest and best newspapers, including the New York Daily News, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Cherry Hill Courier Post and the Fresno Bee. Oh, and in between I worked for another defunct newspaper, the Dallas Times Herald. Some might label me a serial newspaper killer, but I like to believe the deaths had more to do with the state of the newspaper industry than me.

But maybe not.

Anyway, after 19 years in Sports I moved into News. My final two positions were as Executive Editor and General Manager of the Muncie Indiana Star Press and the Cherry Hill New Jersey Courier Post respectively.

“Tears in the Rain” was my first Noah Greene novel and was 35 years in the writing. I guess I was slow. Anyway, the title is based on a line near the end of the movie “Blade Runner,” one of my all-time favorite films. Noah’s fondness for movies is based on the my own love of cinema. “Tears in the Rain” was followed by “Tears of God,” which took considerably less time to write, and, most recently, “My Grave Is Deep.” All are available at Amazon.com.

I’m hopeful that you’ll click on the Blog¬†item in the menu and follow me. Some days I’ll write about … writing. Some days about movies. Some days about politics. Some days about life. And whatever else comes to mind.

Thanks again for joining me.



1 thought on “Home”

  1. That excerpt is quite an intro into your writing, Gene! Definitely makes me want to read more. And, yes, I will click on the Blog and follow along, too.


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