So, about me

gene head shotI am a former journalist who worked some of the country’s largest and best newspapers, including the New York Daily News, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Cherry Hill Courier Post and the Fresno Bee. I began my career as a sports writer covering golf and tennis for the Miami News and eventually joining the team covering the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins season. I was named Editor of the New York Daily News Tonight edition sports section and eventually became Sports Editor of the paper. I followed as Sports Editor of the Miami News, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Fresno Bee before moving into News. I briefly left the newspaper business and worked as a content editor for Netscape and ran my own consulting agency with clients that included Tendo Communications and McClatchy newspapers. I rejoined the newspaper industry as editor of an entertainment magazine for the Lafayette Daily Advertiser. From there I went to the Cape Cod Times as Managing Editor, before joining Gannett, Inc., the largest publisher of newspapers in the country, as Editor of the Muncie Star Press. I ended my 42-year career as Editor and General Manager of the Cherry Hill Courier Post.

“Tears in the Rain” was my first Noah Greene novel, and was 35 years in the making. The title is based on a line near the end of the movie “Blade Runner,” one of my favorite films. Noah’s fondness for movies is based on the my own love of cinema. “Tears in the Rain” didn’t take quite as long to write, and was followed by “Tears of God.” My most recent Noah Greene mystery is “My Grave Is Deep.” All can be found on