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“An involving installment of an offbeat detective’s journey toward redemption.” ~ KIRKUS REVIEWS

“My Grave is Deep” is a welcome addition to the famous Florida crime oeuvre. If you are a fan of Randy Wayne White and John D. MacDonald you are going to love this novel by E.E. Williams. I’m a sucker for great Florida crime fiction, which is why E.E. Williams had me hooked on the opening sentence of chapter one. Nothing like an alligator attack to get this Florida boy’s heart pumping!”Jeff Klinkenberg, author “Son of Real Florida

“The pressure never lets up in “My Grave is Deep.” E.E. Williams excels at immersing readers in South Florida’s unique setting. From the glamour of South Beach to the damp, mosquito-filled oppression of the Everglades at night, you’ll feel the heat as the body count rises. Don’t miss this next Noah Greene thriller!” D.W. Vogel, author “HORIZON ALPHA

“Williams finds a psychological crime mystery without falling into potboiler cliché. His heroes aren’t all whitewashed and his villains have some grit. He brings his journalism background into play frequently, finding details that grab and dialogue that is real. Each paragraph follows and improves the situation, the key to drama.” Robert Strauss, author “Worst President Ever

Robert Strauss, author “Worst President Ever

The pit is black and deep. The air is thick with the stench of death. And something is moving. Something primal. Something … hungry. Noah Greene vowed that he would never again find himself facing death. The “favors” that he’s done for people in the past left a trail of bodies across South Florida and put those he loves in harm’s way. He’s done, no longer interested in being a hard-ass private detective like the ones on the movie screens he so loves. He also has too many other things on his mind. A son literally scared speechless by a previous case. An angry ex-wife who isn’t answering his calls. Feuding housemates that would kill one another if not for his intersession. And a bullet fragment, compliments of a former client, rattling around inside his skull that threatens to leave him a vegetable. But Noah, a man with a reputation and a streak of luck that’s bound to run out sooner or later, has one great weakness: He can’t say no. So when Chad Bouchard asks him to find his long lost father, Michael, and Toni Barnes pleads that he track down her husband, known in the Marine Corps as Tucker the Cutter for the lethally efficient way he cut down the enemy, Noah reluctantly takes on both cases. It’s a decision that will lead him from one bloody encounter to another, one horrifying murder after the next, and eventually down into a yawning black pit.  His grave.



Set against the luscious Miami sunsets, E. E. Williams’ Tears in the Rain delivers to mystery fans a cast of unforgettable characters entwined around a fast-paced and intriguing story of sex, power, drugs and deceit-narrated by its lead character, an unfortunate would-be detective, who must choose to risk his life to prove himself.



Former insurance salesman, Noah Greene, fancies himself a hardboiled detective in the tradition of Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe, but real life can get messy . . . and dangerous. As the bodies, just the bodies, pile up in steamy Miami, Greene, his friends and family, are drawn into a deadly mystery that will change them forever. Noah Greene is just doing a favor by checking in on a lonely widow with a missing cat, but his kind gesture leads him to be a suspect in a gruesome series of murders. What he uncovers as he attempts to clear his name is more horrifying than the murders themselves. Williams is a master of escalating suspense, skillfully leading the reader through a maze of possible killers only dropping clues out slowly until the final horrifying truth is revealed. Any fan of crime fiction will love the spine-chilling crescendo that leads to an unexpected finale.