My “Interesting” author interview

I’ve be AWOL (Absent Without Leave for you youngsters, all two of you) for several weeks because I’ve been busy.

We’ve just moved to a new home in the South, and my loving partner cleverly left me alone to make ALL the decisions, which as we men in the crowd know will be changed the minute she arrives on the scene. Anyway, her excuse was she wanted to continue to work.

“How long?” I asked.

“Oh, you know,” she said. Translated that meant “Until all the work on the new house is done, boxes unpacked, everything put away, contractors finished with their work, all loose ends tied up.”

So, I’ve been here as a parade of contractors came through and fixed what should have been fixed the first time around. And, of course, they give you those windows of time that force you to wait on their arrival.

“We’ll be there sometime between tomorrow and 2022.”

I’ve also had computer issues. My Mac did NOT want to connect to my network. I’ve discovered that I now lead such a connected life that one blip leaves me cowering in a corner, in a fetal position, crying and slobbering all over the brand new carpet, for which I need to get a carpet cleaner who will give me a time window of several months between the hours of 3 a.m. and midnight.

But things are looking up and suddenly, this morning, my computer said, “Hello, where have you been?”

During my time away, I also did an author interview. No, really. I was interviewed by Tony Eames of, a general interest website with an emphasis on featuring interesting authors of both fiction and non fiction. I’ve never been called interesting before. Well, once, in high school, when a girl told me I had interesting eyebrows. “The rest of you, not so much,” she said with a smile.

Anyway, the interview is up on the site and can be found here.

Meanwhile, sales of “My Grave Is Deep” is picking up. Got a royalty check for two figures! Two!

Two figures here, two figures there and pretty soon, I’ll be able to buy lunch.

Of course,, I won’t be able to go out for lunch because I’ll still be waiting on the carpet cleaners.

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