Do I know … me?

I keep getting a message from Linked In asking me if I know Gene Williams.

The answer perplexes me.

If I say I know Gene intimately, it sounds, well, creepy.

If I say I know Gene metaphysical level, it sounds weird.

If I say I don’t know Gene and I wouldn’t connect with him on any level at any time, anywhere, it sounds, you know, a bit unfriendly.

The fact is, Linked In, I don’t know Gene. But, if I did, I would tell him that he is a wonderful man, handsome, kind, loving and a terrific writer. His new novel “My Grave Is Deep” is exciting, thrilling, astonishing, breathtaking, intriguing, moving and downright tremendous. Stupendous even.

I say these things not only because they’re true, but because I’m sure Gene isn’t the sort of person to toot his own horn. I’m sure he’s humble, courteous, modest, self-effacing, and did I mention handsome?

The next time Linked In ask me if I know Gene Williams I’m just going to be honest and say, “No, but I’d like to.”

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